Red Bull USA Great Product

$31.50 Stamped on Top

All different sizes and flavors


Under Construction.... Will be uploading New products Soon!!!

Cadbury Lickables with Toy inside

​92.88 a case of 108 pcs



Tic Tac 9.7G

$0.22 pc


KY Closeouts Inc. has been in business for over 19 years and offers the cleanest best product on the market, you ask yourself how do they have the Best, Well we are Proud to say we have spent the last 19 years watching and learning and LISTENING to our customers and how well they do with what product they purchase and that is the Product we have chose to purchase for our Warehouse for You!  And as the Product lines changed we changed so that we are always able to Provide the best product at the Best price for our Market. We also Now Import and Export as it has been a very important investment for our customer base and helping to achieve our goal of always providing the best service and Price point for our customers to continue raising their revenue Year after Year.

Mk Lighters 

$0.40 a lighter for the amazing grip Lighter