​​​​​Clorox wipes  Lysol wipes

​Cleaning Products​ Call for Pricing!

Paper Pallets and Cases Available!


                   1550.00 Per Pallet!


Target Pallets Available

Laundry and scent Booster Pods 23.00 a bucket taking 80 at a time

Wholesale Hefty and Glad Pallets

Cosmetics Contact  270-407-5400

We have all and any Truckloads available at most time call and let us know what you are looking for!

5 Gallon Buckets:

Bleach 12.00 a bucket taking 36 at a time

everything else 19.50 a bucket taking 36 at a time!

Snack Boxes Available 425.00 a pallet of 24 Banana Boxes

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