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Inventory Surplus


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50 Case order Minimum on all website

(Can reach that in single product buy or by purchasing multiple products)


All our Closeouts are case packed goods that our customers love. Ranging in all categories we get Truckloads, Pallets, and small Lots of these items. Contact us today to gain access to our store to see more products that would be great for you!!!

KY Closeouts is your one stop for an assortment of different products everyday

Buying at KY closeouts means getting the biggest names at the lowest prices, becca and her team have all the time for me as if i'm their only customer, they are always available for me, awesome customer service, and the biggest thing is they are very very honest and a pleasure to deal with, as long you will be in business i'll be dealing with you, may god bless you 

In God We Trust

One of the best and most efficient suppliers I work with. They not only have the best prices around but respond fast and get on top of things in an urgent manner always putting the customer first. Couldn’t be happier working with them!